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Assalaamu alaikum! 

I just want to thank you for visiting this page. This was something I started a while ago and inshallah I plan on finishing this up because it is a pretty cool initiative. 

ANYWAYS, I cannot believe that I still get views on this site. If you are here and reading this then I want to tell you about my new project: "Quranic Treasure! 

What it is: Quranic treasure is basically a site where we will discuss a page of the Quran everyday. By discuss we mean that we need your help too! We need your reflections and your thoughts because the Quran is a book containing Allah's words for us. The only way for us to benefit the most from it is to treat it like a conversation and involve ourselves. 

There is also a facebook page for it at: www.facebook.com/quranictreasure

This is a brand new initiative and we plan on making it go BIG

I just didn't want all these views on this site to go to waste. 

So If you are visiting this site, make sure to check out our newest project! 

Much love,
QT team
10/17/2015 03:41:08

Your website is so beneficial, i cannot put to words jazakumullaahkheir! Please update more surat like you explained surah fatihah!!
And whatever other jems you have, theres clarity in the way you explain and write mashaAllaah


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