Simply Al QURAN



The purpose of this course is to focus on the women mentioned in this Juz, and to learn the other qualities mentioned throughout that we can instil in our self for our future. It is through this, that we aim to achieve the purpose of educating our fellow muslims and strengthening the Muslim Ummah, for the sake of attaining the pleasure of Allah (Glorified is He, and Exalted)
This course is being offered for all young girls who are interested. It is free on my part, but there is a course book that is required which costs approx. $7.00. This class will be held at my house, location of which you will be informed of when you  register. This class will have limited spaces. Attendance policy is very strict, as with all our other courses. If one is absent even one day without informing beforehand, or without having a good excuse, then they will be no longer be a student of that particular course. This will furture be explained during the process of registration. For registration, visit the registration tab on the left of the screen.
May Allah (Glorified is He, and Exalted) make this class a success and shower His Blessings and Mercy upon us during the class to achieve its purpose of educating and developing the love of deen in my fellow Muslims, for the sake of pleasing Him alone, aameen ya rabbal a'alameen!