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Juz studies, focuses on one Juz per course. Throughout the course, we will focus on the word to word, as well as the analysis of key words. Brief tafseer would also be done of the ayaat. Students would learn to relate the topics to situations faced in life today. The purpose is for those who cannot commit long term to finish the whole Qur'aan, so will proceed juz by juz. It is through this that we aim to reach out to more people and to thier convenience and facilitate their access to learning Qur'aan according to their own situations. The pleasure of Allah is sought by making the Qur'aan reach out to more and more people, May He accept our efforts in spreading the knowledge of His kalaam.

Juz Study : 28 "Girl Power"

Summer Course ~ Starting July 19th Insha Allahu Ta'ala.

Juz Study : 29 "unnamed"

Juz Study : 30 "unnamed"