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مخارج الحروف


Exiting places مخارج

The exiting places مخارج are the points from where the letter is pronounced. It is the exact location in one's head where one part connects with another to produce the sound of the letter. There are five main exiting places مخارج ; the mouth, the tongue, the throat, the lips, and the nose ~ in general terms. Each main point, is further divided and different exact points are made clear. This helps you to learn exactly where to move you tongue to pronounce a certain letter, and in turn perfect the letter.  

Importance of pronouncing each letter from it's correct exiting place مخرخ

Arabic is a unique language in which each letter has a certain origion from where it is pronounced, and cannot be pronounced from any other location. If the letter is not being pronounced from the correct exiting place مخرخ then the letter is not complete. It can be then confused with one of the other letters, or just be a random sound being emitted. This is why we should be careful when it comes to reciting the Qurءaan, or speaking arabic in general, that we do not alter the meaning by switching the letters, nor that we loose out on the reward of reciting the Qurءaan.

Connection and difference between pronouncing from correct exiting place مخرخ and pronouncing with the right characteristics صفات

The exiting place مخرخ is where the letter is pronounced from, while the characteristics صفات of the letter are what distinguishes the letter from the other letters that come from the same exiting place مخرخ. The link between the two, is that one cannot alone complete a letter, knowledge of both, the exiting place مخرخ and the characteristics صفات is what completes the letter.

Tips on practising to get it correct

Each couple of letters has a verse اية from the Qurءaan, which is to aid the person in practising the letter. Breaking up the lesson's letters in that verse اية and focus on them while reciting the verse. Then connect the verse and read it fully. after practising that single verse a couple of times, listen to a slow recitation مجوّد , preferably by Husri. And then to insure that you have corrected the point in your normal recitation, start reading from a couple of verses before the given up and stop after a couple of verses after the given verse. A good way to ensure you have corrected yourself, is to record yourself, and listen to it, or close one of your ears while reciting, and be able to hear your self.


The visuals show where each letter comes from, this page only has visuals and no aditional information on the letter.

Letters of the nasal cavity and the empty cavity of the mouth

The letters that use the aid of the exiting place مخرخ of the nasal cavity are noon ن and meem م . These two letters are special because they have two points from which they exit. Their main exiting places مخارج are different; noon ن is of the letters of the tongue حروف السان while meem م is of the letters of the two lips حروف الشفتان . But if these two letters are solely pronounced from their original exiting points مخارج and not have the aid of the exiting place مخرخ of the nasal cavity, then they will loose their characteristic صفة and would no longer be recognized as actual letters. Hence the exiting place مخرخ of the nasal cavity is very important, but it cannot be used by it self as the sole exiting place مخرخ . 

The letters that use the aid of the exiting place مخرخ of the empty cavity of the mouth are the letters alif ا wow و and yaa ي. These letters, if they are with a vowel متحركة, then they each individually have their own different exiting places مخارج. But if they come in their stretching form, like alif madd (an alif ا preceeded by a letter with the fatha vowel َ  ), wow madd ( a wow و preceeded by a letter with the dammah vowel ُ  ), or yaa maad ( a yaa ي preceeded by a letter with the kasra vowel ِ  ), then they are pronounced from the exiting place مخرخ or the empty cavity of the mouth.

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