Simply Al QURAN


Registration Process

So you have picked out your course, and are all excited to start, how do you register? Simply Al Quran currently offers only one way of registration; the registration interview. Another option is "registration form", but is currently under construction, and would be offered if there is demand. Please read through the two ways, and answer the poll of which one is more convenient to you. This way, by knowing the demand, we will be better able to facilitate the registration process.

Registration Interview

Registration takes place on one on one basis. The parent is to book an appointment with the teacher. Several important things will be discussed in the interview. Click on the picture below to start this process. Please choose the "registration interview" and then proceed to pick a time that is suitable for you. Please include the name and age of the child in the note box. If you are unable to make time out for an appointment, please follow the procedure as is, and let me know the best way and time to contact you regarding registration.
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Why Interview?

The registration has been set up in an interview form because it enables the student and the parent to meet the teacher and vice versa, and understand each other to further enhance the class. During the interview, many details will be discussed and the student would be evaluated for the teacher to be able to teach better. For all courses, during the interview, the student's Qur'aan recitation would be evaluated for us to understand where the student ranks, and how much attention he would need in the class. Since the classes are either short in time, or short in the course length, the relation between the student and teacher would take time to develop, and delay the teaching period, hence this interview will facilitate this reliation to start earlier. Details to be discussed in the interview would be the attendance policy, beahaviour that is expected, respect for the environment and other students, more insight into the course for the parent, and what the student desires themself to gain through the course. The fees would also be discussed, as Simply Al Quran aims to provide FREE courses, there will be the matter of resources, and more. It is for this purpose I believe it necessary for the registration process to take place in an interview.  

Alternative Registration

If for some reason, the interview is not possible for the student, the alternative is also offered. The alternative consists of a FORM to be filled out, and for the policy page to be read by both the student and parent. The form download and the policy page would be added soon insha Allah.