Simply Al QURAN

Huroof of the lips
حروف الشفتان

Wow  ( و )


Makhraj: Sides of the lips, where the lips meet. Vibration sound produced in your lips if pronouncing the letter correctly. Take it to the extreme in order to get this vibration. Small gap in the lips. Have to give the letter its right, especially with fathah – don't oppress it - “Wa”. Emphasise it with shaddah.


Baa ( ب )


Said with the moist part of the lips, inner lips. Easy to articulate - “Baba”. Letter of qalqala (echo).  Lips shouldn't be completely relaxed – lift lips up, as with laam, but lips should be straight. Baa is a continous letter so when with shaddah, the sound shouldn't stop, the sound should want to burst out from the lips. To practise – hold the baa without letting the sound “pop”.


Meem ( م )


Said with the dry part of the lips, outer lips. Easy to articulate - “Mama”. Imperitive to bring back lips. When preceeded by a dhamma and you don't do that, it will be noticed as a mistake (practise with “Hum”). Mistake: Confusion does sometimes occur between Baa and Meem.


Faa ( ف )


Top front teeth (4) pushing against the moist parts of the bottom lip, inner lip. Not the dry part of the lips otherwise you wouldn't hit the proper makhraj. Air should flow easily.


“Tuf” – if lips don't go back, the air will be coming out from a concentrated place, not from wider area, and this is incorrect.